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hi, i'm new.

so i'm in the process of car shopping (via the delmarva classifieds at the moment) and i've stumbled upon a 1985 cadillac eldorado for $700. i checked out kelly blue book and even for one in excellend condition they are only worth a bit over $600 (which is astounding to me). but yeah, so i'm wondering.. anybody know anything about them? are they usually in good condition? hard/expensive to fix? running nice? or are they worthless pieces of crap with an overly glorified name (like the piece of crap trans am in my driveway)?

any advice would be greatly appreciated. <3

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Generally speaking, I'd think that the notion of buying a GM car from one of the worst periods in their history is probably not a great idea. You're probably a lot better off buying something Japanese if you're looking for low maintenance. Especially given that your budget is tight. (Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking at a $700 car, right?)
yeah but could i finda decent japanese car for less than $1000? lol cause yes, my budget is tight. i just want something that runs decently (even if i do have to fix minor things along the way) and looks at least a little bit cool. how 'bout an old lincoln towncar? would that be bad too? lol
The gas crunch that hit GM in the early 70's was escaped by a few cars such as the corvette and very few others,even just for a few years,engulfed others in a quicksand of emission laws that seemed endless.An example being the classic mustang,going form one year being 355 hp to only 5 years later being on 83hp. GM let up on these laws in the late 80's and early 90's. So if you would state a year,model, engine type;Blue books usually list all of these things, I could tell you every thing you need to know. Original location of the vehicle is also important.
i already gave the year but i don't know much else. the ad was very minimal on info. doesn't matter now anyway though cause the ad isn't there anymore lol.

you may still be able to help me on what to look for though. i have a $1000 limit on my budget and i really like the eldorado style of cars. the old 80s pimp lookin cars lol. old crown victorias, towncars, continentals, etc. so, any ideas on other cars i could look for? i need something reiable, within my price range and at least somewhat cool looking (i'm big on aesthetics with cars). i just don't want a car i'm gonna have to keep sinking money into over and over again like i did with the trans am.
just how much of a peice of crap is your trans am? and what year is it? trans ams are my passion (along with chevelles). when fixed right they are one of the best cars i've ever looked at, or driven. i'm only fifteen but when u've loved a car since u were 5 u soon figure out how to get your hands on one even if your budget is lower than normal.
dude i will totally sell it to you if you're interested. there's really not a WHOLE lot wrong with it at this point, it's just more than i can afford to fix. i know what you mean though, i have always loved those cars.. but sadly my bank account can no longer take the strain. anyhoo, if you'd like to talk about the car, feel free to drop me an IM (pulling my star on aim) or an email ( i'd be glad to get it out from under my house lol and i could certainly use the cash.