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I am so sorry

Hey everyone, this is Taylor, the original maintainer. I am so sorry that I have done such a shitty job in this community. I switched usernames, and I completely forgot that I started this community. Once again, I apologize. If there is anything that I can do in order to make this community a better place or more active, please tell me. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Ps- I am now the proud owner of a metallic red 2004 manual mazda rx8. I couldn't be much happier.
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As much as I like the rotary's simplicity, I'd also pass on this piece of advice. Check your engine oil dipstick approximately EVERY 200 MILES, literally. Wankels consume oil by design regardless of age or mileage. Mazda factory recommends this normal observation as most rotary engine deaths result from oil starvation. RX-7 owners know this nowadays, and the RX-8 is not an exception neither. Good luck with the Zoom-Zoom.