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Design Project on Jaguar XType

Hello People!

My name's Angeline and I'm a final year Mechanical Engineering student in the UK. Me and my mates are working on a design project for our final year group project. This MAY not be the right place to stick the entries in, but it just occured to me I could ask car experts/lovers like you for help! I would appreciate all the workable/constructive suggestions I can get.

(Please treat this seriously. Because it is causing a lot of stress just doing this project on top of my individual final year project and my computing assignment CFD. THIS IS A REAL PROJECT.)

My group project is to re-design/modify the bumper/front end of the JAGUAR X-Type to give better passive protection for pedestrians upon impact.

We've decided to modify the bumper, the bonnet (the hood), the windscreen with A pillars and the headlights/grille/license plate(hard points). The reason we are modifying those components is because we have identify them to be injury-causing factors for the pedestrians when hit at a driving speed of 5mph. (That's the speed that our car bumper is tested to and has to pass the standard tests).

Airbags in the front bumper and the bonnet springing up to cushion the head (as it hits the bonnet/hood) are all active systems and is not classified under my group's. (another group is working on the active protection bits).

(Engineering talk ahead:) We need several solution variants to get 3 concept variants and then decide the best among the 3 to deliver our design. We've been asked to follow the design process suggested by the book written by Pahl and Beitz.

Simply said, I need several ideas on what and how I can modify the front end of the car, keeping in mind manufacturing costs, repairability costs, and other issues/factors that would affect the marketability of the X-Type.

I really appreciate any help whatsoever. This project and my other assignments have kept me really busy that I have not been able to update my own blog, and I really do miss LJ. =( So this is kinda urgent!

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