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This community was designed by a GIRL (girls like cars too, surprise surprise!) in order to give both men AND women a place to post anything they want about cars. You can post what you love about them, what you hate about them, pictures, stories, advertisements, magazine or newspaper articles, results from a race, a discussion that you are looking for other people's opinions on, questions- anything you want. Just please read the rules below, and have fun!

1. Please only post entries that relate to cars. You have your own personal journal for a reason, and if that doesn't work for you either, I'm sure you can find another community that will be suitable for your topic. If your entry doesn't have anything to do with cars, you will be asked to kindly delete it. If it isn't deleted within 24 hours, it will be deleted by me. I won't delete your entry without you receiving a warning first, but if you don't do anything about it, don't tell me I didn't tell you that I would delete it.

2. If you want to advertise a car for sale, please put your advertisement behind a livejournal cut with a description and a picture. We want you to be able to post your advertisements, but we personally don't want them to take up half of the page. By putting them under a lj cut, everyone gets their way.

3. No member bashing. It is as simple as that. I want this to be an enjoyable community for everyone, and if there is any member bashing, racist comments, sexist comments, or homophobic comments, then you will be banned. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but I don't want it in this community if it is going to hurt others. It is as simple as that.

4. Please make your images less than 500 pixels. If they are bigger, that is fine too, but you must put them under a lj cut. Thankyou very much, it is just annoying to have huge pictures. Oh, and one other thing. If you have more than two pictures, please put them under a cut too. If you have a huge entriy that is not under a lj cut, you will first be warned, and if you don't do anything about it, it will be deleted.

5. If you want to start up a discussion about some topic, post an entry with a lj cut with the title "_______ Discussion". Fill in the blank with your topic that you want to debate about, and then under the live journal cut- write at least a sentence to a paragraph about what you would like people to discuss. Members will then comment back on your entry.

6. If you have any questions about a certain aspect of a car, don't feel afraid to ask. I'm sure at least one of the members will be able to answer your question, and no question is ever a stupid question. And remember, to those of you who are going to try and answer another member's question- do not make fun of a member for asking a question. This goes back to rule number three. You will be banned for saying anything rude or innappropriate.

7. No promoting other communities that are unrelated to the topic of cars in this one please. If you want to promote a community, there are promotion journals made just for that reason. Also, if you would like your car related community to be an affiliate of our community and be listed in our userinfo, email me at taylor_jaworski3@hotmail.com. I will gladly post your community in our userinfo. I won't expect anything in return, but if you would like to advertise ours as well, it would be greatly appreciated.

8. Try and use full sentences and good spelling if you can. I am not a grammar or spelling Nazi, but it just makes things alot easier to read, and it makes the community look a little nicer.

9. Have fun. That is the most important rule of all. If you just abide by these simple rules, we will be able to have a nice and enjoyable community that people are happy to be a part of.

Thankyou very much,
Your maintainer Taylor.

If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to discuss with me, feel free to email me. I would love to hear your ideas, questions, and concerns. Once again, my email is taylor_jaworski3@hotmail.com